Committee Leadership

The President‑elect shall annually appoint the Chairpersons, of all committees except the Past Presidents Committee. Committees shall report to the General Membership and the Executive Committee in accordance with the Rules of Policy and Procedure governing committee operations. The Past Presidents Committee (Long Range Planning) shall be composed of all living Past Presidents of ACEC Alabama, with the immediate Past President of ACEC Alabama as Chairperson. The Nominating Committee each year shall be composed of the Immediate Past President of ACEC Alabama, as chairperson, and the other Past Presidents. The Executive Committee may discontinue any committees, excepting Standing Committees, and may appoint other committees from time to time, from its own membership, or otherwise. Committee Membership is open to all eligible members of ACEC.

If you have an interest to serve on an ACEC/Alabama Committee, please contact our office at (334) 264-1500.


Long Range Planning Committee (Past Presidents)

Past Presidents Committee:  Professional & Ethical Conduct Committee

Past Presidents Committee:  Audit Committee

Past Presidents Committee: Nominating Committee

Bylaws & Resolutions Committee

Administration & Finance Committee

Membership Committee

Operations Committee

Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Committee

Transportation Committee

Civil Engineering & Surveying Committee

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Committee

ACEC Alabama/ASPE - JECA Liaison Committee

Business Practices Committee

Inter-Professional Committee

Energy Committee

Engineering Excellence Awards Committee

Professional Development Committee

QBS Committee

Governmental/Legislative Affairs Committee

Programs and Arrangements Advisory Committee

LDS Committee

Industry Partners Coalition Committee

ACEC PAC (State)

ACEC PAC (Federal)