Alabama Ethics Commission Opinions

ACEC/Alabama and other Alabama-based business organizations have requested advisory opinions related to the recent amendments to the Alabama Ethics Law.  Several opinions where requested to clarify the questions raised by ACEC Member and Non-Member Consulting Engineers.  For more information, please visit the Alabama State Ethics Commission at:

Ethics Opinions Rendered

AL Ethics Opinion AO2011-01ALL:
Response to Alabama County Commissions; related to expenditures made on public officials.

AL Ethics Opinion AO2011-02ALL:
Response to Business Council of Alabama; related to sales activities with government officials.

AL Ethics Opinion AO2011-05ALL:
Response to Alabama Road Builders Association; related to activities with ALDOT personnel.

AL Ethics Opinion AO2011-09ALL:
Response to Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee; related to thing of value; items provided to public officials and public employees.

AL Ethics Opinion AO2011-11ALL:
Response to ACEC/Alabama; related to contributions and solicitations by charitable organizations.