ACEC Advocacy

Federal Advocacy: ACEC's Government Advocacy Program

Through the strength of its federation, ACEC promotes the business interests of the engineering industry to Congress, federal agencies and international organizations. The Council seeks passage of legislation and policies that create a favorable business climate in which the engineering industry can help America grow and improve the quality of life for its citizens. ACEC’s government advocacy program is focused on four principal public policy objectives: enhanced infrastructure funding to keep pace with America’s growth and aspirations; outsourcing of engineering services to harness private sector innovation, expertise, and cost-effectiveness; procurement reform to make sure that engineering services are procured on the basis of quality and value; and elimination of regulatory and tax barriers to the business of engineering. ACEC/Alabama’s leadership meets annually with Alabama’s Congressional Delegation to address key issues on a federal level.

ACEC PAC (federal)
ACEC Federal PAC Champion: Alain Gallet, PE  | Terracon  |  Birmingham, AL
ACEC National Director:  Kevin Blake, PE  | TTL, Inc.  |  Montgomery, AL

ACEC Minuteman Fund

State Advocacy: ACEC Alabama’s Legislative Program

One of ACEC/Alabama’s critical functions is to act as an advocate, on behalf of its Member Firms, before local and state government. Through a variety of approaches — direct lobbying, partnering with industry allies, committee work in meetings — ACEC/Alabama strives continuously to support legislation of particular importance to the professional A/E consulting community. ACEC Leadership meets regularly with its team of lobbyists to:

  • Monitor regulatory and legislative activities impacting our interests.
  • Enlist the cooperation of industry allies in pursuing matters of mutual interests.
  • Writing and publishing articles and reports to communicate the issues.
  • Studying state/national legislation, informing and advising membership, and recommending appropriate action.
  • Coordinating and implementing programs to support and promote and increase financial participation of Alabama Engineers Political Action Committee.
  • Coordination, promotion, engagement of Engineers In the Capital City Day to lobby members of the Alabama State Legislature.

Members of the Alabama House of Representatives
Members of the Alabama State Senate

Alabama Engineers PAC (AE/PAC)

Was established in 1994 to allow members the opportunity to support and keep candidates in office who support a pro-business legislative agenda. AE/PAC is bipartisan and operates out in the open in full compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act and applicable Alabama state law. A voluntary opt-out assessment is included in the membership dues structure to provide a funding mechanism for the Alabama Engineers PAC.

AE/PAC Board of Trustees

Chairman:  Alain Gallet, PE |  Terracon  |  Birmingham, Alabama
ACEC/Alabama President:  Jay Morgan, PE  |  The EE Group  | Gadsden, Alabama
Trustee:   John Smith, PE  |  Volkert  |  Birmingham, Alabama
Trustee:  Jerry McCarley, PLS |  Garver  |  Huntsville, Alabama
Trustee:  Kevin Blake, PE  |  CTL, Inc.  |  Montgomery, Alabama

Secretary/Treasurer:  Renee Anne Casillas  |  Executive Director  |  ACEC/Alabama